Search Engine Optimisation campaigns are the best way to meet your target audience. If you search for your primary product in Google and your website doesn’t show up then you’re in need of an SEO campaign.

First I will need to understand exactly what you want your website to deliver.   I will need to know exactly what your business offers so that I can deliver your online marketing goals. With SEO that means working out what keyword/phrases will bring you the most traffic. Sometimes this is trial and error.

1 – Analysis  
I will need to do a complete review of your website and any competitors’ websites.  Looking at your competitors will give me a good indication of your chances of search success.

2 – Keyword Research
Selecting the right keywords is one of the most important part of your optimisation campaign.  If your keywords are very competitive I will have to research and develop a list of attainable keywords or phrases.

3 – Re-design or Improvements
Sometimes a re-design will be necessary. Flash websites look pretty but search engines cannot read flash. Other sites might just need tweaking here and there to make it more search friendly. Each page will need to be optimised for each keyword or phrase.  Unique meta tags will be added to each page.

4 – On-site SEO

On-site SEO involves improving your website and changing titles headings and even renaming images so the website really screams what its about.  Images are great, but search engines are text analysis systems so unless an image is named correctly then it may as well not be there.

5 – Ongoing Campaign Work
Writing and adding unique content for website but also for guest posting.

6 – Link Building
Link building is an essential part of any Search Engine Optimisation Campaign.  Some of the best bought links cost from £10 – £200. I will be able to give you a list of the best directories your site should be listed in and costs. I will also source free links.

7 – Blog & Link Bait
offering content to strong blogs is one tactice.  Websites selling products can give products away for free reviews to authoritative bloggers and you-tubers.

8 – Reports
On request you can receive a monthly or quarterly report showing the progress of your search engine optimisation campaign.   This will include all the chosen keyword/phrases ranking position on the 3 main search engines. The amount of pages indexed, the amount of external links, postings in blogs and bookmarking sites, and also all work carried out and how many pages are indexed.

SEO Campaigns are a necessity in today’s world of eCommerce. The cost don’t have to be in their thousands. Sometimes a small budget of £200 a month for a year will be quite enough to get your site optimised and generating traffic. However if your competitors are having more promotion or you are in a very competitive area, you may need a large budget.