Google now has a way to determine which sites are authoritive in specific topics. If Google has determined that you an authority on a specific subject, your rankings will improve.

Google trusts websites which give the highest authority. Basically this means websites that have great content and have the most votes from other authority sites.

So if you are providing good content and following Googles terms and conditions and getting quality backlinks which are votes from other sites, your site will rank high.

How to set up Google Authorship

1. link your content to your Google profile

<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>

Change the profile_url to your google plus page:

<a href=” rel=author”>Google +</a>

2. Link to your content from your profile

Then you need to add a recoprocal link back from your profile to your websites.

Sign into your Google Profile
Edit profile
On the Contributor to section click, add custom link

3. Test it

To see whether it is working add your url in the box on this page: